Choosing the color palette for the Mountains Environment!

Hey everyone, we need your help! 

We're currently working on the colors of one of our environments. 

This place is mystical and stands on top of the Sky Mountains. 

Which version do you think looks more magical?

Thank you all! 


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Hey, thank you liviaguedesf!



Thanks for the help Paul!

no problem :) btw what software did you use to make this game ?

We're using Unity3D. And for the art, we're using Illustrator!

nice! , im a game developer as well, im just wordering how can i join you guys. So i can help make textures and stuff, anyway  im not the best at coding/writing scripts though


Hey Paul. It's always good to meet other devs. Unfortunately our team is already closed. Maybe in the future we may contact you if we need some help. Let's keep in touch!