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I love this game! It's amazing. Level design, art style, storytelling, is all great. There's a little input lag on the controls, though. I'm a little late to the party, but I think it's perfect since after this prologue, the full game comes out next week! Really looking forward to it.

Please check out the video and my channel: VladMan. Thank you!

This game is AMAZING.

Great game. I have some tips on this game. In at least a few places I met with the requirement of real patience from the player's side. I would also do more sound effects, and in the full version I would use a trick that I know from the game "Hollow Knight" and would change the music depending on the environment. I also have the idea of increasing the possibility of talking with various characters encountered during the game. As for the demo itself, this beautiful has its own charm, which is very different from the charm, for example in "Limbo", so I was very charmed by this game;)

mmm the link to Patreon seems to be broken guys!

Hey Jorgge, thanks for warning us. We'll take a look! If you want to join our community on Discord:  We'll be glad to have you there!

hey!! how to download this game??


Hey Luke, how are you? Sorry the delay. For now you cant. We're working hard to release it next year (may). Thank you!

Will it be available for android? What platforms is it going to be for? I will definitely buy this game. It looks sooo cool! 

Hey Jorgge! How are you? For now PC and XBOX ONE. But in the future our ideia is release to mobile too! Have a great day!

ok man,thanks


its beautiful and really hard. i like it

Thanks for the video Coconut Mousse! Have a great weekend :)

Love it ! Can't wait to see the full release. Reminds me of Limbo but with its own unique twist, and everybody loves limbo 

Hey Fringe, how are you doing? Thanks for the support doing this video, means a lot for us. 
We're working hard to release the game as soon as possible. Yeah, limbo is one of our inspirations, hope you guys like the full game.
Thanks again Fringe, have a great week!

Really looking forward to the full game, I will definitely play it through when it's released :)

I loved this game. I hope to see more soon!

It's very remniscient of Limbo and Inside, but it is far more melancholy. And I loved both those games. I hope there will be massive WTF moments like there were in both those games. It's a lovely world and I think the art is great (the close up trees and grass were a real great effect and those staring animals: fantastic)

I feel like the fairy is almost too cheerful for the game (but that's not a big deal.) I don't mind the pacing as I'm not one for punishing games. But I would love to see some dastardly physics puzzles as your game develops. 

Keep it up!

Hey Evil, sorry for the delay. I didnt see your comment!

Thanks for the kind words.  We're working now to implement 2D physics for the game, it's not been easy but I'm sure the result will be better.
I dont know if you already joined us on Discord Channel, but we would be very thankfull if you could help us testing the game. This week we will release a new version to test the new player mechanics.

The fairy has an important part in the main story, I think you will like it! Thanks for the feedback, appreciated!

Discord Channel:! 

Yeah! I'd love to help.

So far this game is amazing, so beautiful, with a relaxing sountrack. I loved the creatures behind. Can't wait for the full game! <3

Hey Caro.o! How are you? Glad to hear that you had fun playing it. We're already working in new hybrid creatures to use in the background.  If you want, we can contact you when release it! Thank you for the feedback and support, have a great day Caro.o

Yes, please! That would be amazing :)

This demo was wonderful and I can't wait to see more. The visuals were fantastic. I love the minimalistic and monochromatic style. And the music was well orchestrated. Thanks for the fun. I hope you don't mind but I've made a let's play video of my time in the demo. :) Take luck and care!

Hey GameFox, how are you doing? Really appreaciated your support doing this video, and glad you had fun playing it! We are working hard to release the full game as soon as possible. If you want, we can contact you when release it! Anyways, thanks for the feedback, have a lovely day! By the way, I already subscribed  in your youtube channel with my personal account, keep the good work =)


I would love to hear from you when the game is fully released! Thank you So much for the support. :D


A GREAT GAME. It was cute but dark at the same time and the little fairy reminds me of Navi soo I like.

Thanks for playing lightning1290, hope you had fun!

Good luck with your YouTube channel :)


Thank you and I did have fun

It reminds me of Limbo at some moments. Will definitely play these days to test it out.

Hey Peter! We'll be glad if you could play and give us some feedback! Yea, Limbo is one of our inspirations. Have a great day 

I really liked the game, but i expected more of ending tbh. Can't wait for more! :)


Hey GameGabe! Thanks for playing our game. We're working on new content, soon we should have something to show you! Thanks again :)


Awesome platformer. Thankfully the puzzles aren't too hard. My only frustration was the power bar runs out too quickly and, also  takes too long to charge.

Hey, thank you for the video! We're already balancing the power bar so it won't frustrate people :)


I liked it a lot! Quite beautiful

Thank you for playing it! Your game looks fun too :)


Nothing else to say about this game besides AMAZING! Cant wait for the full release, keep it up!

Thanks the support jdotplay! Really appreciate!

Very cool! It has a nice style, visuals and sound design!

Hey Primeval! Glad that you liked! We're working hard to improve the game even more! Have a nice week

This Game is very Cool ! :D

Hey Benn, thanks for playing it. Hope you had fun :)

Great little game this. The graphics are great and as well as overall game play. Keep up the great work devs.


cara você tem a musica tema? gostei muito mesmo do game e muito da musica queria o download da musica você me arranja?

Oi, nós ainda estamos discutindo como disponibilizaremos as músicas do jogo. Assim que tivermos uma resposta te avisamos, ok? Obrigado por jogar, espero que tenha gostado!



I loved the alpha version! Looking forward to see the finished game. It really managed to capture the feeling of Ori and Limbo, but also brought it's own flavor.


Thanks, really flattered to hear that. We're working on new content so stay tuned!



I said some thoughts on this game on gamejolt page and I don't want to repeat myself.

One thing I want to say: It is intriguing because you have this "deep-thoughts" intro. It makes me thing there is a lot more to this game than I've seen. So, looking forward to seeing a continuation.

Thanks for the nice game :D

There's a video for those, who want to see some reactions to this game:

Hey moshyfawn, we replied to your comment on Gamejolt. Thanks man!

Soon there will be more updates about the game :)

I Really enjoyed the game! the graphics are amazing. i would love to see some more levels :-D are you planning to release more ?? because i would love to play it. if you still doubting to play eternal hope check out my video of it ! it is amazing!

Hello Xeo, thanks for the video. We're glad to know you enjoyed the game. We're working on new content, as soon as it's available we'll let you know! Thanks man, have a great day

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Hey Jon, thanks for playing it. Hope you enjoyed it


any plan for linux version?


Hello, we're working on it. As soon as it's available we'll let you know! Thanks for reaching out to us


Hi metal buddy :)

I finally tested your demo, and loved the concept of revealing hidden things :3 I also love the art and the atmosphere you put in place (in normal time i'm not a fan of Limbo like games, but you achieved to create your own gameplay and visual and that's cool ^^ ).

Maybe a little audio feedback from the firefly would be welcome when there is something, I had some troubles during the the hedgehog riddle ^^" And maybe a reminder when comes the first time to drag a box (I didn't remember at the first time the key, it wasn't an actual problem, but it would be nicer to learn the mechanics this way, like when we fall and press Z )

Anyway, great job ! I'll stay tuned on your progress :)


Hey bro, I'm glad you liked it. Thanks for the feedback, I recognize the problems you faced, I'm already working on it. Thanks again, have a great day!


Hi ramirovasquez, thanks for playing the game and making a gameplay video! Hope you had fun

no problem and i did have fun playing it, it really well make i liked it alot!!

Hi, I finished this alpha, and I think that it is AWESOME. It uses smart puzzles, and I really liked the part with the boulder... ;) Anyway, I would love to see a full version, and would pay money for one. This is one game I wont forget for a long time...

Hey Bob, thanks for reaching out to us. We're really happy you enjoyed it this much! We're working on the game right now. Any new content we have we'll post on our social media pages and in here, so stay tuned!

Hello, I completed your alpha and I thought it was very good. I have played these types of game in the past and I have always enjoyed them I would love to see the full version. If this is not on Gamejolt website it should be I think it would be quite popular. Gameplay link is below:

YouTube: Fellowplayer

Hey man, thanks for playing it! I'm happy to know you had fun.. I just saw your video and I laughed so much hahaha. It's not on Gamejolt yet, but I'll follow your advice and create an account in there. By the way, you got a new subscriber! Have a great week!

Deleted 1 year ago

Hello! I'm glad you liked it.. yeah, those are quite creepy creatures haha. Nobody knows this but the elk is actually an elk-wolf hybrid. And I'm sorry you couldn't figure out the hedgehog puzzle, I need to create better hints throughout the game. You need to pull a lever that is located near the hedgehog that you can only see if you use the power. Anyway, thanks for your feedback :)